The ECAC identifies six levers for change as critical for strengthening the early childhood system and providing an infrastructure to support the  grounding of this work in social justice, removing barriers to access services, and facilitating equitable child outcomes.

The levers are:
1) Family Engagement
2) Data
3) Quality Improvement and Assurance
4) Workforce Development
5) Finances
6) Research and Evaluation

With the young child and family as the focus these levers guide the work of the ECAC across four essential elements 1) Providers and Practitioners; 2) Comprehensive Health, Community, and Education Services; 3) Standards, Regulations and Statutes; and, 4) Policy and Governance. These levers and elements are intertwined and their alignment is necessary in order to support families’ access to the equitable, comprehensive, and culturally relevant services, thereby ensuring healthy development.